These Abandoned Bunkers Almost Seem Alive

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The pictures show abandoned World War 2 bunkers under Jardines Street to Europe.

Cold war bunkers around Europe ★★★☆☆

In 2008, a collaborative effort between amateur enthusiasts and scientists, Urban Explorers discovered a bunker abandoned deep in a forest. Watch their journey down a narrow, dusty, and hushed hallway, where the faint glow of a day-old candle welcomes them.

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The bunkers lie abandoned under Europe Streets ⚛

The underground bunker which was discovered in upstate New York...

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Abandoned nuclear bunker, explore urban areas ⚠️

A group of urban explorers head out to explore an old abandoned WWII bunker in the woods. They never expected to find anything in there, but they quickly realize that the bunker is filled with artifacts, artifacts that could possibly shed some light on the long forgotten bunker's history.

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Bunker seeks to preserve the remains of the era ⚛

If you're too scared to ever spend the night in a bunker, this video may be for you.

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✮ Cold War Bunker Discovered ✮

Military bunkers are regularly abandoned by countries in need of cash, or with a goal of minimizing their physical footprint. One such country is Russia, which regularly sells its surplus bunkers to the public. Objects of very little use, with most being used to store furniture, they are regularly repurposed into interesting architectural wonders.

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☣ Explore abandoned bunker and lost places ☣

Will you help us get rid of these abandoned World War 2 bunkers? Give a few dollars a day towards a program to remove it.

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Bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets

Throwback Thursday -- these are the bunkers that were found in the south of France.

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Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers

Escape to history while exploring the world's most vile abandoned nuclear bunker..

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Explore bunkers and other sites around the world

For sale, location of an abandoned Soviet bunker that has been fully stocked with all necessities, prepare to enter another world.

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Pictures of Abandoned WWII Bunkers

Abandoned bunkers dotted the countryside of Germany.

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☣ World War 2 bunkers hidden in the under ☣

Take your photography to the next level with the all-inclusive luxury travel experience. Stay at the converted WWII bunker in Prague's picturesque Malá Strana.

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Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers

You've seen them pictures, but now feel like your right there uncovering their secrets like you're actually inside one of these abandoned bunkers.

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See photos of abandoned WWII bunkers

What if there was a way to escape and live out your fantasy of secretly living in a bunker?.

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20,000 bunkers in bunkers remain in Germany ★★★★★

The bunkers were used as a tactic by Nazis to stop explosive devices from igniting nearby. There's a possible chance for someone to find a Nazi bunker and it's detonated, destroying nearby buildings and killing people.

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☣️ Check out photos of the bunker site ☣️

Explore abandoned and stale bunkers. Follow along our journey as we discover what is inside or why the bunker was empty and what we find inside.

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Explore abandoned bunker and lost places

Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker, Urban Exploration.

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Historic Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★☆☆

This startup took an old World War 2 bunker and turned it into a meeting place.

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⚛ The bunkers of Europe ⚛

Follow our mission of exploring the most amazing places in the world. We'll be exploring these abandoned Cold War bunkers!.

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Abandoned Bunkers and Secret Places Around Europe

What's left of the day before at the end of the work week? Why not off to a secret underground bunker to get your inspiration, entertainment (and maybe food!).

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe ★★★★★

After the Soviet Union fell, the mighty Motherland fell into decline, turning into the variety of abandoned places its inhabitants left behind for others. One phenomenon that became popular phenomenon was the underground tunnels, left over from the hidden bunkers, which became d.

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History World War 2 bunkers Cold War ★★★★☆

As Europe is undergoing gentrification, the bunkers are falling prey to the processes.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunkers ★★★★☆

Explore abandoned Soviet Cold War bunkers with us! We make videos on Urbex exploring these abandoned complexes.

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Episode 1: Abandoned Bunker in Poland. ★★★★☆

Military units use bunkers for stealth and protection.

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Explore best abandoned bunkers, secret bunker ⚠️

Starting with a team of two, we went on a 5 day, 2 mile walk into a ghost town to unfuck an abandoned nuclear bunker. We explored the 26-year-old bunker and its surrounding structures and found out how much it changed between.

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Abandoned bunkers and lost places around Europe

For more than 70 years, the Ohio River was the line of demarcation between east and west. On that east-west divide is a river town called, Alton, Illinois. In this town, there is a war bunker from World War II.

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Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers

It’s a research and exploration website that includes underground bunkers, aircraft wrecks and craters, and sites of mass graves.

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☣️ Abandoned WWII bunkers from Haunting Images ☣️

Discover the dark stillness of the abandoned WWII bunker.

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Europe Bunker Exploring Abandoned & Lost Places

Explore an abandoned cold war nuclear bunker. #1 Tourist Attraction in Russia. Explore an abandoned cold war nuclear bunker. #1 Tourist Attraction in Russia.

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Historic Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★★☆

These Pallets Will Never Leave This Abandoned Bunker...

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World War 2 bunkers found abandoned under streets

Abandoned bunkers were retrieved, archived, and reconstructed using 3D digital scans.

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Spend your summer exploring abandoned bunkers ☢️

In Europe's Old Streets, remnants of war linger after many decades. Some of the bunkers have been converted into homes, but not all of them. Sometimes, our streets take on a different meaning. The streets of Europe have been home to waves.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places around Europe

Personalized videos showing the length of time someone has spent in the bunker.

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These sites consist of abandoned Cold War bunkers

Hiding in plain sight is what this particular abandoned Soviet bunker in Belarus was doing. It’s called Chyhyryn Airport and was unofficially in use in the 1990s. This bunker has big doors to bring in big planes.

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Abandoned bunkers and lost places around Europe ⚛

Bedrock, a World War II-era book and film about a children's bunkers mission, now continues as a multimedia series through Film To Me.

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